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Burman Bush

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Burman Bush is a 50 hectare tract of coastal forest that overlooks the Umgeni River and is maintained in pristine condition. Species that are often seen include Southern Boubou, Tambourine Dove, Ashy Flycatcher, Red-backed Mannikin, Klaas's Cuckoo, Lesser Honeyguide, Yellow-bellied Greenbul, Square-tailed Drongo, Grey Sunbird, Southern Tchagra, Black Sparrowhawk, Lanner Falcon and in winter, Spotted Ground-Thrush. A number of trails wind through the forest, varying in length, but none longer than 2 hours. From a birding perspective though, it is probably wisest to stick to the private road that runs through the centre of the reserve, as the fringes will provide the best views of the species that frequent the area.

The reserve is reached from the eastern end of Burman Drive in the suburb of Morningside. There is no entrance fee or official closing time. An information centre at the lower gate is open during normal working hours. (08h00 to 16h00) There is a car park, braai and picnic sites, and public toilets.

Contact Tel: +27 31 312 4466

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