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Formats for Contributing
We have three preferred formats for birding spot descriptions.
  • Smaller sites warrant a paragraph,
  • Larger sites have paragraphs on Introduction, Birding description and General information,
  • Important sites have a detailed 'full format' description as set out below.

Full Format Description
The full format description is designed to give a quick overview of the site under Introduction, Specials, Habitats and Facilities, followed by more extensive Birding and General details.

  • Introduction - a few sentences creating interest in the site and summarising the attraction. A site list total, average list for a visit and comments on seasonality are particularly worthwhile.

  • Specials - a brief list of special birds to see at the site, in particular endemics, red data species and hard to see species. In addition, rarities which are regular at a site can be noted. A list of vagrants is not particularly useful.

  • Habitats - a list of habitats gives an idea of the types of birds that may be encountered.

  • Facilities - what to expect in the way of assistance with birding - roads, trails, hides, accommodation, guides etc.

  • Birding - a description of birding at the site, written as if you were taking a guided tour. Where and when to go, and what to look for. Best itemised as a list of activities, in order of productivity and ease of birding.

  • General - directions to the site, opening times, contact details, accommodation and bird guiding.

Note that you may contribute photos and bird lists to the page. See Boulders Beach as an example.
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