Aus, Barlow's Lark

This desolate site in the Namib desert is close to where Barlow's Lark was first collected for science. Take the main tar road from Keetmanshoop to Luderitz, passing through Aus. The site is about 3 kilometers west of the "Luderitz 50" road sign, on the right hand side of the road. The lark occurs in the low Euphorbia scrub, and the scrub at the site is the only vegetation in this barren area. Barlow's Lark is one of the few species in this habitat, best picked up by its call or by flushing the birds from the ground where they forage near the bases of the bushes. Also look out for the pale race of the Tractrac Chat.

Barlow's Lark is also relatively easily seen on the farm on which the lodge Klein Aus Vista is situated (and virtually anywhere around the town of Aus in open habitat). The birding on the farm itself is good and there are some magnificent walks near the main lodge. Karoo Eremomela, Karoo Korhaan, and Bokmakierie are all regularly recorded here. The accommodation (lodges and camping) and hospitality here are excellent. Phone +26 46 325 8021.

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