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The Rio Savane resort lies at the mouth of the Savane River, just over 30 km north of Beira. To reach the resort, one passes through 30 km of marshland and a remnant patch of coastal forest. The resort itself is situated on a magnificent beach and surrounded by mangrove forest. At least two days are needed to explore all the habitats.



Black-rumped Buttonquail, Blue Quail, Great Snipe and Locustfinch can be found in the moist grassland immediately south of the resort. Wattled Crane and Rufous-bellied Heron are often seen in the marshlands. East Coast Akalat and White-chested Alethe have been seen in the forest. Mangrove Kingfisher and Palm-nut Vulture can be seen in and around the campsite.



Marshland, grassland, coastal forest, mangrove forest, beach and open sea.



The resort consists of a campsite and chalets, and was strictly self-catering when I was last there, but I understood that a restaurant was under construction.



Birding can be done on the drive out from Beira, and walks can be undertaken from the resort, on the south bank of the river, into grassland and woodland habitats. Boat trips up the river can be arranged.



As you approach Beira, there is a large flyover at the turnoff to the airport. The turnoff to Rio Savane is about 30 m before that, on the left. The drive on a good road through marshlands for 32 km ends in a carpark with 24 hour security. From the carpark you will be ferried across the river to the resort.

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