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Welcome to our Southern African Birding Spot Wiki. Please feel free to browse the pages for details of where and when to go birding at over 290 birding spots in Southern Africa. As a birder, we encourage you to share your knowledge about birding in Southern Africa, and to help create an on-line resource that is truly useful to yourself and other birders. You can,

  • check a text and make a comment using the discussion option,
  • edit the text as a contributor,
  • add a new birding spot which you would like to share with other birders, or
  • contribute photographs, birding spot lists and expected bird list totals.
  • If you know a locality well, we invite you to become a moderator of all contributions.

You don't need to be an expert birder or even a local expert on a particular birding spot. All you need is to have visited the site and have gathered useful information on how to go about birding there. This may range from details of directions to the site, where to bird and what birds to look for, details of facilities and contact details, to photographs and site lists. Please note that adding an incidental sighting of a bird species is not really the sort of contribution we are looking for.

We hope that you will contribute to updating and adding to the information on these pages. One of the most useful contributions that can be made is to check a text and if everything is up to date, make a comment to this effect using the discussion button.
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Enjoy your birding!
Guy Gibbon

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