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Encompassing the spectacular Kloof Gorge, this nature reserve, situated in the heart of the suburb of Kloof, offers numerous scenic walks and viewpoints. It is one of the few places in Durban where Knysna Turaco can be found, along with a number of forest specials.

Due to the deep gorge topography, secure and relatively safe birding is limited to a number of access points and trails around the upper perimeter of the reserve. The hike into the gorge itself is difficult and slightly dangerous from a climbing perspective, while a number of hikers have been robbed of their possessions once down in the depths of the forested gorge. It is therefore best to stick to the easier and more scenic trails discussed below.



Typical forest species include African Crowned Eagle, Knysna Turaco, African Emerald Cuckoo, African Wood-Owl, Narina Trogon, Grey Cuckooshrike, Green Twinspot, Grey Waxbill, Swee Waxbill, and Red-backed Mannikin. In winter a number of altitudinal migrants arrive such as Chorister Robin-Chat, White-starred Robin, Yellow-throated Woodland-Warbler. Spotted Ground-Thrush has also been observed in the winter months. Wahlberg's Eagle, Lanner Falcon and Peregrine Falcon all nest in the lower gorge and may occasionally be seen. African Broadbill has also been heard in the bottom of the gorge, but the likelihood of seeing this elusive species is remote.



1. Kloof Falls Road picnic site. This picnic site has a pleasant aspect and parking area. Check around the dam for Mountain Wagtail. Across the road is a resource centre, where Green Twinspot, African Wood-Owl, Grey Waxbill, Grey Cuckooshrike, Narina Trogon, African Emerald Cuckoo and Red-backed Mannikin can be found.

2. A few pairs of African Crowned Eagle breed in the gorge and the nest of one pair is visible from a path along the lip of the gorge. Take the path downstream towards the main gorge from the Kloof Falls picnic site, but keeping to the upper path. Continue for about 500m, keeping an eye out for the nest in a large exposed tree below the path to your left. If you get to a deep ravine crossing the path you have gone too far. Look out for African Black Swift, Rock Martin and Red-winged Starling. The Mpiti Falls trail, starting across the road from the Kloof Falls picnic site, leads up the gorge for about 2km. The trail eventually loops back on itself, and similar species to those listed above will be found. In late summer the forest 'sword' grass will be in seed and should be checked for Green Twinspot and Grey Waxbill. The best way to find these birds is to listen for their soft whistle and high-pitched trills, which warn you of their presence long before you see them.

4. The Uve Road parking area is reached from Buckingham and Quentin Smythe Roads. The trail to the left leads down through some forest, over a stream, and then up the hill through grassland. At the top of the hill keep right to a look-out point over the gorge. Directly opposite is a massive cliff face on which Peregrine Falcon breed in late winter. This is also a good spot for Lanner Falcon. Preferably walk this area in a group and do not leave your car unattended for long periods.

4. The Valley Drive picnic site is an access point for trails into the gorge as well. Taking the trail to the right leads one to overlook the gorge, from where a second African Crowned Eagle nest can be viewed.

6. Longshadows is a private reserve that shares a boundary with Kloof Gorge, at the upper end of the Mpiti Falls trail. It provides a pleasant walk along the cliff top, with the crowns of the forest trees just below you. It is reached from Everton Road, turning right into Molweni and right into Ocean View Drive. There is a driveway entrance to the left. Park without obstructing the driveway and follow the track down to a picnic area, then take the path down to the cliff top. Walk along the cliff to your left, and follow the trail down into the gorge if you wish. Look out for Grey-headed Bush-Shrike, Narina Trogon, Red-fronted Tinkerbird, and Mocking Cliff-Chat.



Ensure that you are sure of your hiking route prior to departure, as it is fairly easy to get lost in the gorge. The reserve is open from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm daily. Access is generally free excepting for a small fee charged at the Kloof Falls picnic site on weekends. Opening Times Everyday 06h00 to 18h00.

Security note: Remote trails should be avoided.

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