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Clanwilliam (Paleisheuwel road)

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Kransvlei Poort, located close to the national road just over 200 km north of Cape Town, is one of the most reliable places to see Protea Seedeater. Exactly 10 km south of Clanwilliam on the N7, take a gravel road to the left marked "Paleisheuwel". Continue for just over 2 km until the road enters the rocky poort. The elusive Protea Seedeater is best seen in the taller vegetation fringing the roadside and the lower areas of the cliffs, and is best picked up by its call. Streaky-headed Seedeater, White-throated Canary, Brimstone Canary and Cape Canary also occur. Layard's Tit-Babbler, Long-billed Crombec and Fairy Flycatcher are found in the scrub on the hillsides. Note that as you pass out the end of the poort the road rises and enters an area of protea bushes, but this is not the best place to look for Protea Seedeater.

Claire Spottiswoode and Callan Cohen 1997.

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