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To reach the area north of Beira, most people enter Mozambique from Mutare in Zimbabwe, and drive east down the Beira corridor. The road has recently been rebuilt and should be largely tarred from the border to Beira. Your first stop inside the country should be Casa Msika, which is 44 km from the border and on the southern side of the Mutare-Beira road.

Casa Msika is situated on a large dam, Lake Chicamba. Accommodation includes a hutted camp with a campsite and restaurant. Although not an essential birding spot, it can offer a good rest before the real birding starts;

The area includes the lake shore, and a fair bit of miombo woodland and rocky hillside. Miombo specials such as Miombo Rock-Thrush and Red-faced Crombec can be found here.

Contact telephone: +258-51-22675.

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