Krugersdorp Game Reserve

The habitat is mainly grassveld with small dams and reedbeds at the northern-most end. The vast areas of open grassland in the reserve provide the visitor the opportunity to observe many of the grassland species of Gauteng. A densely wooded valley runs through the reserve and includes a selection of bushveld birds. Approximately 200 species have been recorded. There is a good network of roads and walking is not permitted, so one has to bird from the car.



1) Grassveld areas include most of the reserve and the following species may occur; Wing-snapping Cisticola, Cloud Cisticola, Desert Cisticola, and Zitting Cisticola, Rufous-naped Lark, Ant-eating Chat and African Pipit. Several pairs of Southern Black Korhaan can be seen while the more secretive Kurrichane Buttonquail also occur. In summer Montagu's Harrier have been recorded quartering over the grasslands.

2) The reedbeds house Southern Red Bishop, White-winged Widowbird, Red-collared Widowbird and Cape Grassbird.

3) The dam usually has Black-headed Heron, Cattle Egret, Glossy Ibis and African Sacred Ibis around it, with Yellow-billed Duck, White-faced Duck, Red-knobbed Coot and Egyptian Goose.

4) An exiting new feature is a large walk through aviary which boasts a wide variety of species. The aviary is built into an old quarry and provides natural vegetation for the birds.



The Reserve is a little more than 40 minutes drive from central Johannesburg. The Reserve is open daily from 8.00am - 5.00pm and an entry fee is payable. To reach it drive west out of Krugersdorp towards Rustenburg on the R24. Watch for signposts indicating the Reserve on the right hand side.

Day visitors are well catered for by means of a Day visitors area near the entrance to the Reserve where you can enjoy a braai or a picnic.

Accommodation is available in the area.

Albert Froneman 2001